How Does Intuitive Healing Work?

The term, Intuitive Healer, refers to an individual who is trained to tune into the energy body of a client in order to read and interpret the energy that lies at the root cause of an illness, disease or life crisis.

Blending Traditional Healing with Intuitive/Energy Healing

Intuitive Healing is complimentary to medicine. In the future I foresee that the medical community will be open to Intuitive Healers who can work side by side

How do I know if This is for me?

Many of us have questions as to what can be healed with energy. Years ago had I been asked the question: “Why heal with energy?” I would have scratched my head.

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Welcome - Meet Jane

Jane Gray

What our Client says

I was referred to Jane by a friend from the Unity Church on Flagler many years ago. I met with Jane and was totally impressed, and still am, with her uncanny ability to diagnose the problem and instantly heal and clear the blockages that were causing the problem. Over the years Jane has Read more

Anne Bacon

I have known Jane Gray Ford since 1995, she is the most amazing person that I have ever met. Not only has she healed me, she has helped many of my friends and family members. After 4 years of fertility treatment, I sought the Read more

Pamela Mead