My Energy Healing Grids are an original concept that I developed as a result of years of working with the mineral kingdom and through radionic studies. Similar to mandalas in that they are an arrangement of designs and patterns that produce an energy, these Energy Healing Grids are created through the use of crystals and stones, copper rings and cards. They are placed in a pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal. This energy is activated through intention and can be broadcast to the Universe. The variety of combinations is virtually unlimited and can be very powerful in effecting positive change.

Included in this site are numerous Energy Healing Grids that have been made in order to heal a condition. They were created through connecting with spirit and dowsing to determine the need for: number of or need for: copper rings, type of cards and/or type of stones or crystals. There is no right or wrong in terms of making an Energy Healing Grid. Many other items such as flowers, pyramids can be included if you choose to make your own grid.

After creating an Energy Healing Grid it is important that one call on God, charge the grid with intention and ask that the grid broadcast create “HARM TO NO ONE”.

How are the grids on this site used?

They can be placed in a projection device such as a pyramid, radionics machine, in a copper circle/s or a Genesa Crystal. By adding a name or direct intention to the grid, it can be broadcast to whatever.

The Energy Healing Grids on this site have been blessed wherein most were created at a healing circle and broadcast through the hearts and minds of those in attendance. Each carries a unique vibrational frequency. If you can use this for planetary healing of any sort, please do so with God’s blessing. First and foremost remember that YOU ONLY HEAL WITH LOVE. These Energy Healing Grids only respond to a loving vibration.

Free Energy Healing Grids

Please copy, use and accept these Energy Healing Grids as a gift! They represent healing energies and may help you with current issues that you are having.