Recently a client who had been diagnosed with cancer called and stated that she was very ill and had been sick in bed all week with what appeared to be a cold and perhaps bronchitis. Why was she so sick? She had been taking all kinds of “natural” products that were supposed to build her immune system and put an end to her cancer.

This client was experiencing a healing crisis. This occurs whenever there is a fast push for healing. The body works something like this. As healing takes place old energy patterns that have created disfunctions in the body are brought to the surface for release. These patterns arise in the auric field and must be neutralized, otherwise, they serve as blockages to the body’s energy flow. Unfortunately, when one is sick he/she does not have the constitution to process out these blockages. The blockages simply build up and the body’s energy gets lower. The end result is illness.

This condition can be reversed by finding out why so many discordant energies are being processed at the same time. For instance the client who spoke to me mentioned that she was taking numerous products that would “heal” her cancerous condition. Unfortunately, she chose to take them all at once and in large doseages. Her body was “sick” from all of the very powerful herbs she was taking. She stated that this nutritional product was recommended by a man who advertised his product on the internet. When he spoke with her, he spouted off the doseage, unware of her size and without knowledge of other products that she was taking. This is very dangerous and should be avoided! Use kinesology or dowsing to determine the type and level of product that your body can handle.

Another reason why a healing crisis may arise has to do with “the way the world turns”. Astrological conditions that pertain to the birth sign may cause many discordant energies to be released at one time. This situation is termed Anereta. In astrological terms this configuration means death. In human terms this means potential healing crisis. When this energy is present, one should take care to avoid heavy emotional conflicts and/or stressful situations.

Addressed through healing energy, these situations can be managed so that balance and harmony are restored.