You have probably never heard the term, psychic injury. It’s not used in conventional medicine; because, it’s not a conventional term! A psychic injury refers to a pain that has no known scientific cause. Let me assure you, however, that the pain is very much present. When you work in the intuitive world you discover that there is a cause for everything and more often than not, the cause is energy based.

Often people will experience a sharp pain somewhere in the body. It actually represents a past memory either genetic or karmic in nature, that has come forward in the subconscious mind and actually is like a hologram that overlays the auric field somewhere in the body. This memory actually slows the energy keeping it from flowing adequately, creating the feeling of the actual injury.

By addressing an issue on a spiritual level, blocked energy can be opened and once more flow. When this happens the muscles, bones and nerves relax and the organs begin to work optimally. The body returns to a balanced state of health. Simply put, the pain is gone!

Healing does not always have a conventional explanation; because, it does not always start in the physical body. Through Intuitive Healing many conditions can be healed in a matter of minutes.